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Sturgis Harley-Davidson® Women's Spear Wings Grey Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Was: $36.99
Now: $25.00

This grey and black women’s t-shirt has extra feminine features added. With the design made in tones of black and white, the front graphic begins with a background of flourishes that cover the whole front chest area and swoops elegantly to the left side down to the hem. Midway is a large Harley-Davidson® bar and shield with an eagle below holding a smaller H-D® bar and shield emblem in its beak. Turn the shirt over and choose which store location: “Sturgis Harley-Davidson®, South Dakota” or “Keystone Black Hills H-D®, Keystone, SD” with a winged Harley-Davidson® bar and shield in the middle. This scoop neck trim attaches to the front material and then separates to allow the scoop design to flow off towards the shoulders and back. This top is soft and comfortable for all day wear and a great addition to your H-D® clothing collection. 

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