Black Hills Harley-Davidson® Men's Buffalo Skull Map Short Sleeve T-Shirt

$29.99 - $31.99
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This men's custom designed short-sleeve t-shirt features a logo of a buffalo skull with a map of the Black Hills lightly embedded inside of the skull on the front of the shirt. The map lists famous destinations, highlighting Rapid City, where Black Hills Harley-Davidson® is located. The back design features a Native American rawhide mandala war shield with the Harley-Davidson® bar and shield as its center artwork and the words Black Hills Harley-Davidson® wrapping around it.

  • The cappuccino colored garment has undergone a special process which results in variations of shading and color. These variations are intended and add to the unique characteristics of this garment.
  • Ice Grey is a very light grey/silver colored garment.
  • Russet is a heather brown with orange colored garment.