Harley-Davidson® Women's Stab the Serpent Embellished Shirt

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This short-sleeve women’s shirt comes with an EXTRA HELPING of “bling” for your H-D® clothing collection! A large symmetrical design fills the front of this black top with splashes of red...serpent blood red! A rhinestone studded, curvy "H-D®" is centered across the chest. Beneath the H-D® is a vertical blade…piercing through a flower…to the serpent. Various sizes and colors of rhinestones have been placed throughout the design to finish the front graphic. The sleeves have a see-through mesh with a pattern of solid red-hot designs of large flowers and connecting abstract-type vines. The reverse side has no graphic; however, the whole back has been slit from the neckline and connected by the same mesh/flower fabric. This scoop neckline and stretchy fabric of 95% rayon and 5% spandex beautifully accents those gorgeous curves. Paired with your favorite denims or leggings, you are sure to look and feel sexy on your next ride.