Sturgis Harley-Davidson® Women's Roses Raglan Shirt

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This custom designed women’s t-shirt is a perfect choice for those casual days where you just want to be comfortable and cute! It is soft, lightweight and a great choice for keeping it Harley-Davidson® cool! The front graphic has Harley-Davidson® written across the chest. Beneath is “03” with black outlines embellished with red studs and the middle has images of roses. Underneath the “03” is “motorcycles" with a pair of roses below to finish the design. This light grey t-shirt has bright red raglan ¾ sleeves with matching crew neck trim. The name raglan comes from the style of the shirt rather than the fabric it is made out of. Raglan sleeves extend all the way to the collar and neckline, rather than ending at the shoulder and generally are a different color than the rest of the this case the bright red. On the reverse side “Sturgis Harley-Davidson®” and “South Dakota” are separated by a “winged” Harley-Davidson® bar and shield. Pair this comfortable tee with your favorite denim jeans and you are ready to just hang out or go on your next ride!