Deadwood Harley Davidson® Vintage Saloon Fold-Up Canwrap

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This insulated can wrap front graphic features a wonderful rendition of days gone by in the wild, wild West! Imagine a weathered “Wanted Poster” with a vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle parked in front of a Deadwood saloon as its “Most Wanted”. This “Bad Boy” was last seen at the Deadwood Harley-Davidson® dealership in South Dakota. A sheriff’s badge and the Harley-Davidson® bar and shield make it “official” do not want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind collectible! Now flip the can wrap over to verify this “Bad Boy” came from the Deadwood Harley-Davidson® dealership in South Dakota. If you skipped town without this collectible, be sure to order online this original “Most Wanted” can wrap! This wrap is made of durable neoprene keeping your beverages chilled and your hands warm! It is the perfect accessory to enjoy that ice cold can of beer or soda pop. Tip it up and others will see the Harley-Davidson® bar and shield.