Badlands Harley-Davidson® Road Bottle Opener

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This collectible is what every home and backyard "bartender" needs to open beer bottles quickly and easily! A professional grade stainless steel bottle opener (also called a bar blade, mamba, church key, popper, bar key, etc.) that's just for you. The opener features a graphic with a picturesque scene of a road turning through the unique landscape of the Badlands in South Dakota. Over this full-colored scene is the Badlands Harley-Davidson® South Dakota logo and Harley-Davidson® bar and shield emblems. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind collectible made from a vinyl design on the front that will not scratch or fade, due to a UV-protectant clear topcoat. Approximately 7.0" (18cm) x 1.5" (4.0cm) in size, this small and thin tool is comfortable enough to fit in your pocket.